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Annisa Bhikuning
Sally Cahyati
Joko Riyono


Since 2007, the government has launched a policy to convert kerosene to LPG gas. This is due to statistical data in 2007, kerosene use in Indonesia has reached 9.9 million kiloliters per year. This is a waste of energy if the government continues to allocate subsidies for kerosene. The PKM activity this time is in Sereal Village, Tambora District in West Jakarta. The area is a densely populated area and is a middle to lower class society. The community shows that there are some of them who still use kerosene for cooking purposes and there are still people who are afraid of installing LPG gas because they do not know how to install gas LPG safely. The purpose of PKM this time is to hold counseling and training for the installation of safety gas for the community. The method of implementation is to be held one day at the Tanah Sereal village office by inviting the surrounding community. Basically, the people are understand the use of natural gas conversion but they are reluctant to do so. Therefore, the IPTEKS description given to Tanah Sereal residents is to provide some posters or information papers on the safe installation of LPG gas so the people can understand this well. The implementing this PKM was welcomed enthusiastically by the residents at the local village office. In conclusion, it is expected that the community will have good knowledge in installing LPG gas and this training can be applied directly to the Tanah Sereal community.



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