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Journal of Earth Energy Science, Engineering, and Technology (JEESET) has been established in 2018 by Master Program of Petroleum Engineering, Faculty of Earth Technology and Energy, Universitas Trisakti. ISSN of the journal was issued by Pusat Dokumentasi dan Informasi Ilmiah (PDII) Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia (LIPI) at the end of the year. The first publication was at the beginning of 2018. JEESET provides a medium for communication of information among the world's scientific and technological society. This journal intends to be of interest and utility to researchers and practitioners in the academic, industrial and governmental institutions. All research contributions of significant value related to earth energy science, engineering, and technology discipline are welcome. JEESET is an open access journal. This journal is consistently published three times per year. It has been accredited by Ministry of Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia No. 85/M/KPT/2020, April 3 2020, as 4th Rank (SINTA 4). It has aslo been listed in Index Copernicus International, Publons, Garuda, Crossref, ISJD, Base, PKP Index, Google Scholar, ResearchBib, ISSN, Indonesia Onesearch. In addition, it has already used Turnitin to prevent any suspected plagiarism in the manuscripts. For authors who wish to submit articles to this journal, please register as an author and then login to submit articles. Writing information and submit articles can be accessed in the author guidelines, and follow the instructions here. For further information, please contact the editorial secretariat at email: jeeset_mtp@trisakti.ac.id

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Vol. 5 No. 2 (2022): JEESET VOL. 5 NO. 2 2022

Published: 2022-08-01

Fluidized Bed Reactor Type : Reactor Design for Biodiesel Production from SoyBean Oil Using MgO Catalyst

Fitri Febriyanti, Irine Sofianty, Adani Ghina Puspita Sari, Rofi Fadilah Madani, Muhammad Roil Bilad, Asep Bayu Dani Nandiyanto
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The Effect of Pressure and Temperature of Residual Life on Separator as Types of Pressure Vessel in “Z” Oil and Gas Field

Reza Fadhlan, Dwi Atty Mardiana, Pri Agung Rakhmanto, Muhammad Taufiq Fathaddin, Rini Setiati, Suryo Prakoso
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