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Ignatius Soekarno Hartanto
Ahadiat Joedawinata
Sangayu Ketut Laksemi Nilotama


The Study Of Information Media Panel Display At Museum Bank Ndonesia. Excellence in terms of
education for visitors is manifested by the Bank Indonesia Museum in the form of exhibitions that
represent real places or places where historical events have occurred. Of course visitors and visitors just
walk around and have a look, in terms of education. Various forms of exhibition display are designed and
depicted diachronic (timeline), through visual displays and display panels containing narratives that
guide visitors around to find information conveyed by the Bank Indonesia Museum. The uniqueness
of the visual information pattern from the panel display in the Bank Indonesia Museum exhibition is
interesting to be appointed as the object of research, because the information in the form of narrative
stories from Bank Indonesia is conveyed and described in detail in the panels used.
Consideration in achieving this, an approach is made through graphic design studies with regard
to information design and editorial design. The initial step of observation is in the field, by looking
at and sorting out the tendency of the panel displays used in conveying information in the form of
narratives and literature studies carried out as a theoretical basis relating to museums and exhibitions,
media, information, graphic information media, etc. The next stage is an analysis of visual information
patterns from the display panel of the Bank Indonesia Museum which is carried out based on a graphic
design approach with regard to information design and editorial design. The approach used is set on
the arrangement of grid patterns, hierarchies of information, utilization of graphic processing, and
utilization of narrative forms of information.
From the graphic design approach revolving around information and editorial design with regard to
exhibitions, it was found that the display pattern of the exhibition’s visual information panel that entered
the Museum Bank Indonesia exhibition had a clear and structured hierarchy of information delivery,
continuous graphic display with the narrative found, and Arrangement and utilization of media size or
layout between narrative content and graphic processing content.



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DIREKTORAT MUSEUM direktorat jendereal sejarah dan purbakala departemen

kebudayaan dan pariwisata 2007.

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